Combination Plastic Surgery Los Angeles

Tummy Tuck PicturesAt Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Los Angeles, many of our patients from Long Beach who receive tummy tucks undergo multiple procedures at the time of their abdominoplasty. Reasons for combining procedures with a tummy tuck include patient goals, recovery time and cost. Most patients desire improvement in multiple areas of their body. Frequently the best results are achieved through improving more than one of these regions. If Dr. Stevens recommends that several procedures may be performed during the same operation, the patient may choose to have combined procedures.

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Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

Combination tummy tuck and liposuction surgeries are common in Los Angeles. Suctioning fat from the hips and flanks often complements a tummy tuck by creating a more slender torso. The inner and outer thighs are other areas where patients will often benefit from liposuction at the same time as a tummy tuck. With the newer technique of power-assisted liposuction, these areas may be treated more safely and efficiently than ever before.

Tummy Tuck and CoolSculpting™

A tummy tuck can create a dramatic improvement in your appearance. However, to refine these results or to target other body areas, many people may want to consider adding CoolSculpting™ by ZELTIQ™, a non-surgical liposuction alternative. This treatment can reduce small pockets of fat by selectively cooling fat cells, cells that are subsequently eliminated through your body’s natural cleansing process.

Tummy Tuck and ZERONA™

Like CoolSculpting, ZERONA™ is a liposuction alternative that can improve body contours without surgery. ZERONA uses laser energy to cause fat cells to release the fat they contain, fat that will be gradually eliminated by your body. While ZERONA treatments in Los Angeles could be used to refine the results of your tummy tuck, they could also help address other body areas. For example, you may want to consider ZERONA for your neck, back, upper arms, or knees.

Tummy Tuck & Abdominal Etching

Abdominal etching is a refined technique that may complement tummy tucks for Southern California men. The procedure creates or enhances the appearance of the “six pack” of abdominal muscles.

The traditional way to achieve visible definition of the abdominal muscles is through diet and exercise. Exercising the abdominal muscles makes them more prominent. In slender patients, a thin layer of subcutaneous fat covers the muscles and permits them to be seen. If a thick layer of abdominal fat is present, even the strongest abdominal muscles will not be visible. Exercise and dieting are the best ways to improve definition of the abdomen.

It is also possible to enhance the appearance of the abdominal musculature through the sculpting or etching of fat. We commonly perform this as a part of a tummy tuck. Techniques used to create these changes include precision liposuction, incising fat and superficial fibrous layers, or direct excision of fatty tissue. Abdominal etching may be complementary to the tummy tuck operation.

VECTRA 3D Imaging

Tummy Tuck & Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancement surgery is also frequently combined with a tummy tuck. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, or after substantial weight loss, the breasts may become droopy. The Laser Bra breast lift may be the best answer for these patients. During the Laser Bra we use the patient’s own tissues to create an internal bra that results in perkier breasts and a longer lasting lift. Patients who have small breasts without droopiness may want to combine breast augmentation with a tummy tuck. The increase in breast size for these patients may help them to achieve more attractive bodily proportions.

Tummy Tuck & Facial Procedures

Facial rejuvenation procedures are also commonly performed with a tummy tuck. The same processes that contribute to laxity of the abdominal tissues will cause similar changes in the face. The eyelids, for example, may have puffiness from orbital fat or hooding from excess skin. With eyelid surgery it is possible to achieve a more youthful, alert and well-rested appearance. The cheeks, jowls and neck may also show the signs of aging and the force of gravity. Repositioning of these tissues with a face and neck lift may create dramatic improvements in a patient’s appearance. A minimal incision facelift (a new procedure) may help patients to achieve this goal with shorter scars and a faster recovery. Fine wrinkles around the mouth and eyes may be improved with laser resurfacing. CO2 laser resurfacing of the face is an effective way to soften these wrinkles and uncover more youthful appearing skin.

A Mommy Makeover Real Patient Story

“I’m just your basic Midwestern housewife,” Andrea says. Then she pauses. “Well, maybe not so basic anymore.” After breast augmentation, liposculpture, and a tummy tuck, people Andrea barely knows stop her and say, “Oh my gosh, you look great! What did you do?”

Plans to combine procedures with a tummy tuck in Southern California should be made only after a thorough consultation with Dr. Grant Stevens. The wide variety of patient needs requires that these procedures be individualized. The results of combined procedures may be dramatic and lead to high levels of patient satisfaction.

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